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Welcome to Socialrush

The Socialrush is an agency Full Service Digital Marketing, with premium service and experience in the development of marketing or programming small, medium or large scale. We work with clients from Brazil whole and also countries like Estados Unidos, China e Japão.


What can we offer

We have one of the largest ranges of services on the market, offering completely customized solutions for you or your company. We have highly qualified professionals active in the job market, residing in different regions of the world, providing jobs with multicultural affinity.

Discover our main services:

Print and Digital Media

We are specialists in designing and creating banners, banners, tabloids, menus, packaging, cards, magazines, catalogs and much more.

UX and UI Design

Front-end development focused on providing the perfect balance between beauty and usability.

Social media

Specialists in management, programmatic content and content creation for social media.

Digital Consulting

Directing and structuring projects with experienced and active professionals in the market.

Paid Traffic

Experience in boosting and optimizing Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Linkedin Ads, Tik Tok Ads and more.


Exclusive development of brand, logo, seal and advertising campaigns for all professional niches.

3d Modeling

Experience in modeling, animation and still 3d. Creation of projects, objects, prototypes, scenarios, logos, campaigns and much more.


High standard experience in the creation of Institutional, Personal, Ecommerce, Virtual Store, Fullstack Platforms or App for Android or IOS.

Some metrics about us

The Socialrush has a team of highly qualified professionals of different genders and ethnicities, active and up-to-date on the current professional market. Bringing together in one team decades of experience in marketing, ecommerce, sales, logistics and retail.

Discover our key metrics:

Handed out
Handed out

" Our goal is to connect with people. Interact with them in order to discover the best solution to take their dreams off paper and transform reality."

Audiovisual Solutions

The Socialrush also offers specialized services in sound and image for public persons or companies. Among them, we have commercial editing for internet or tv, professional video editing, professional voiceover and many more.

Discover our audiovisual services:

Commercial Production

Development of commercial and institutional advertising videos in an editing room for TV or social media.

Video Edition

Professional video creation for companies or content development for Youtube channels, Facebook, and more.

Creation of Stories

Professional development of stories with animation or institutional images for Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Tik Tok and others.

Voice and Voiceover

Professional male or female voiceover, for spot recording, institutional, commercial, IVR and much more.

Discover our expert mentorship

The Socialrush also offers a specialized mentoring service, 100% digital and completely personalized for teams, companies or individuals. We seek to transmit knowledge from decades of experience in a simple, fast and efficient way, accompanied by a mentor, an experienced professional who shares successful experiences with you.

Discover our mentoring options below:

Ecommerce Mentorship

Learn how to apply good ecommerce standards and other special techniques in your online store and significantly increase your sales.

Mentoring on Marketplace

Increase your sales with special techniques on registration, dissemination, logistics, brand positioning and much more.

Mentoring on Google Adwords

Discover the main techniques and secrets used by the best professionals who use the powerful Google Adwords tool.

Mentoria em Facebook Business

Gain likes, fans and sell much more through specialized and efficient advertising techniques for Instagram and Facebook.

Advantages of hiring Socialrush

We direct and execute your project without creating obstacles or causing difficulties. Our goal is to deliver premium quality projects that exceed every client's expectations.

Discover our advantages below:


Professional Service

Talk directly to the professional responsible for your project. No wasting time with unnecessary explanations or unknowing attendants.


Handle all matters via Messenger or Whatsapp, without the need for calls or email.


At Socialrush it is forbidden to use unnecessary technical terms. Everything will be spoken and explained in a way that everyone understands.


All the services we provide are not linked to contracts with a minimum length of stay. You come in or out whenever you want.


We are the most capable digital marketing agency, with the best cost benefit on the market.

Multicultural Team

We have the support of professionals with different views of the market that can be added to different types of projects.

What our customers say

Read some reviews from our customers below. Quality is our best guarantee of customer loyalty, our strongest defense against competition and the only path to growth and profits.

Check out our reviews below:

"Now I can call my site an ecommerce! Socialrush created our virtual store with mastery. It turned out much better than we imagined."
Laura Rodrigues
"The best digital marketing experience we've had. Our website was very fast and functional. We just have Socialrush to thank."
Peng Zhilan
Startup CEO
"What a sensational service! They understood my case and executed the project exactly as it was determined. I was extremely pleased with the result."
James O'Donnell
"We've always had difficulty making sales through Instagram. After I did the mentoring with Social, I learned simple techniques that gave a lot of results. Soon I will mentor you in marketing."
Ayaan Rodrigues
Content creator

Questions and answers

Here you can clear all your doubts before contacting Socialrush. Below are the most frequently asked questions and answers by customers:

Socialrush is a marketing and development agency. We offer services at a global level, serving customers from all over the world in their own language.

Socialrush is a 100% digital marketing agency, with extensive experience in developing work for clients anywhere in the world. We work with clients from Brazil whole and also countries like United States, China, Japan and Russia.

We have thousands of active and satisfied customers with our work. In addition to this reference, we also carry out simple service contracts, signed digitally, to guarantee our commitment and seriousness with each job.

We work with different conditions and payment methods. This variation can occur according to the size of the project, customer relationship and region.

Yes. If you have an idea or custom project, please contact us and consult. We have the perfect professional to help your project become a reality.

Clients who have worked with us

 Having a satisfied customer goes beyond using communication, approximation or service techniques. It depends much more on a genuine feeling of wanting the other well.

Below you can check out clients who have done or still do work with Socialrush:


Ask your questions or ask for your budget. Soon, we will contact you.




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